Does it cost anything to join REACH?

Everything is free for youth ages 11-24.


Do I need to be a member to be seen at the Fuente Wellness Clinic?

The clinic will see anyone ages 11-24.


I need to complete community services hours for school or court, can I complete my hours at REACH?

Yes, if you are ages 11-24, check in with Sam.  ( 510) 481-4537


How do I get to use the recording studio?

You must first take some classes in the digital media arts lab.


Does REACH provide homework help?

Yes, check in with Angela Webster. (510) 481-5026


Do I need to live in Ashland or Cherryland to become a member?

Anyone ages 11-24 can join.


REACH for Meaningful Work


How to I get a job with REACH?

REACH is a project of Alameda County Health Care Services and the link here will take you to Alameda County’s website where you can fill out an application to be eligible and ready to work for the county.

This second link provides more information on the application process. These will give you information on ALL employment opportunities available within the county.


REACH does  provide workforce development and employment assistance through the Career Development Center. REACH members (youth aged 11-24) will be able to sign up for classes, workshops and case management to help them toward finding meaningful work and accomplishing their career goals.

For youth 11-16, they may receive job readiness training, as well as exploration in their interests. For youth 16 and older,  job readiness training as well as assistance with job/internship placement. There is also  an emphasis on education.

The Career Development Center is located on the second floor.