REACH Volunteer Job Description

A REACH Volunteer is a person age 25 and up who is committed, believes in and supports REACH’s mission and core values.

Our mission is to honor youth power and build our community’s resilience. We are committed to creating a culture of safety, belonging, and possibility that cultivates equity and happiness – in our families, community and beyond.
REACH’s core values are the principles that guide our work. Our Core values are:
Youth Compass, Social Change, Leadership, Honoring our Relations, Community Wisdom and Sustainability.
Volunteers may be utilized in a variety of situations and or for a specific program or service. The time needed may be monthly, weekly or daily commitments.



Many of our members must complete community services hours for school credit or a court mandate. REACH is a great place to fulfill these hours needed. If you are 11 -24 years old, you can become a REACH member and start working on your hours needed. Please contact Jamie Hintzke, (510) 481-4596 or Jamie.Hintzke@acgov.org for more information.


Unpaid Interns

Candidates that are seeking academic or professional development in youth leadership, youth advocacy, and youth development may be considered. These candidates may be students studying public health, education, social work, public policy, or other types of human services studies or projects.



Volunteers are people who are identified for a specific role to support a special project, event or initiative.



  • Availability, dependability, reliability, youth friendly and flexibility.
  • Awareness of and willingness to follow REACH procedures and protocols including finger printing and background checks.

Special talents or abilities that help to enrich the work at REACH

  • Recognition that accepting an assignment is a serious commitment.
  • Strict confidentiality, awareness of ethical and legal responsibilities and mandates regarding concerns and or privacy of a youth member.
  • A desire and interest to work with youth.
  • A willingness to learn and follow direction.
  • Ability and desire to connect and build relationship with young people.

All volunteers and unpaid interns must submit to a background check, fingerprinting, TB test and participate in an orientation and CPS training. REACH is committed to ensure the safety and confidentiality.

Fill out the volunteer interest form and return to Jamie.Hintzke@acgov.org, (510) 481-4596