House Rules

DO’s and DUH’s


  • DO respect (you get what you give)
  • DO have fun (within limits)
  • DO you (be yourself)
  • DO be open to new things (such as, a new program or class)
  • DO be inspired and inspirational
  • DO be colorful and creative
  • DO be responsible, watch your language, be in control
  • DO be a leader (take the first step)
  • DO be accepting of others and include others
  • DO share
  • DO be kind to the space (pick up after yourself and others)




  • DO NOT use, possess, or sell alcohol or drugs at REACH. We want to lift each other up, and keep each other safe.
  • DO NOT engage in any sexual activity or intimate touching at REACH. We REACH for healthy relationships that are connected and loving while respecting everyone’s boundaries. If you’re going to cupcake, keep it light.
  • REACH is a place of safety, belonging, and possibility, weapons of any kind will not be tolerated here.
  • DO respect each other’s property. If it does not belong to you, don’t take it.
  • REACH is for YOU. Take care of it – don’t mark up, destroy or harm anything in the REACH building or grounds.
  • DO NOT intimidate people with your words, gestures, or body language. Don’t hate, use slurs of any kind or foul language. Don’t be messy by spreading rumors or starting fi Respect people’s dignity and your own. We want REACH to be a safe place for everyone.
  • If you are asked by staff or members to identify yourself or to follow directions, please do so – Help us build a community that promotes openness and comfort for everyone.
  • Do NOT make threats of violence or harm of any kind at REACH. We are committed to everyone’s emotional, physical and relational safety.
  • We welcome and include everyone at REACH but gang, turf, and color representation is not welcome here. REACH is a neutral zone.
  • Please turn off cell phones and electronics when asked by staff or programs.
  • DO NOT eat or drink unless specified by staff or programs. And pick up after yourself and others!
  • Do respect yourself and others in how you dress. (Be yourself but no sagging, cropped shirts mid-drifts, booty shorts or other revealing clothing. Do not wear clothing with obscene gestures or images that glorify violence, foul language, drugs, or sexual content. Shoes & shirts are to remain on except for under special circumstances when related to programs & services.)



This is your place. Respect who’s in it – including yourself – and if this is a challenge, here are some things that could happen to take care of you, REACH, and our community:

  • A verbal reminder of the house agreements.
  • A one-on-one meeting with REACH staff.
  • A meeting with REACH staff, parents, or other significant people.
  • A mediation with REACH staff that may include:
  • A verbal agreement about how you are in the space.
  • A written agreement about how you are in the space.
  • A restorative circle or other ways of taking responsibility and making amends.
  • A request to take time away from REACH temporarily.
  • A decision to address an issue as a community or center-wide concern.
  • Solutions that require law enforcement to be involved (this is when things are very serious, and usually include incidents of violence, threats of violence and/or drug related behavior that puts youth & community at risk).
  • A request for you not to return to REACH (this is when things are really bad – we don’t ever want to go here, but it could happen).