The Alameda County Library is a proud partner at REACH Ashland Youth Center. Our mission is to bring access to information that promotes enjoyment and learning to our young members, as well as to encourage literacy within our neighborhoods. We operate a library collection of 2,000+ books and magazines, provide reference services and host a variety of programs. These programs have included book clubs, author visits, and arts and craft workshops. We look forward to bringing new creative programs; until then, sign up for a library card and continue checking back for updated calendars!

INAUGURAL BOOK PUBLICATION FOR REACH Coming Soon! OUR FIRST BOOK OF ART AND CREATIVE WRITING COMPOSED BY YOUTH WILL BE PUBLISHED! We are now accepting poetry and short stories, and original artwork composed by youth ages 11 to 24, to be included in this REACH literary publication. We’re excited to promote the artistic efforts of our talented REACH members, and to offer a concrete avenue for the professional publication of their writing and visual art.


This club  discusses the things we love in a youth-oriented atmosphere. Join us to read & discuss short stories, poetry, graphic novels, and books. We talk about the environment, our futures, our lives, and the world. We listen to music, watch videos & do lots of other cool stuff including writing our own life stories, writing new song lyrics, and trying our hand at poetry. We share our ideas in a peer environment, having conversations that ignite our imaginations.


THE FILM CLUB: A movie theater inside REACH: Every month, we screen engaging and stimulating FREE movies. There is free popcorn and an interesting discussion afterward. Previous movies have included Fruitvale Station, Freedom Writers, Super Size Me, The Book Thief, Soul Surfer, and Selma. This program is open to all community members; you do not have to be a member of REACH to attend the Film Club.

POETRY WRITING CLASS: Each Summer the Library sponsors a 9 week class to teach youth the basic tools of the poet. We read poetry by well-known poets like Tupac Shakur, Queen Latifah, Langston Hughes, and Francisco X. Alarcón. We also look at writing by lesser known teen poets from a diversity of backgrounds, including several local poets who live and write in California. Class attendees study the tools of metaphor and simile as we draw from our own life experiences to practice the art of writing effective poetry. We also hold Open Mics at REACH to practice expressing our poetry in an oral format.

Congratulations Anahy!

Anahy won a pair of BEATs headphones for participating in the REACH Library summer reading program. Anahy read tons of books and now is enjoying her prize.


Your REACH librarian is Tamecca Brewer.


For more information on the Alameda County Library and to access our online resources, visit us at

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