The Alameda County Library is a proud partner at REACH Ashland Youth Center. Our mission is to bring access to information that promotes enjoyment and learning to our young members, as well as to encourage literacy within our neighborhoods. We operate a library collection of 2,000+ books and magazines, provide reference services and host a variety of programs. Book clubs, author visits, and poetry workshops are examples of programs provided by the Library.

See the REACH Librarian to sign up for a library card.

New Book Collection.

The REACH library is in transition. STAY TUNED FOR REACH Library 2.0 – coming spring/summer 2020. In the meantime, please see carts around REACH for book titles that you may find interesting.

Your REACH Library staff are:
Rachel Bradshaw 510-745-1561
Raul Rodriguez 510-745-1486
Omar Hamze 510-745-1492

For more information on the Alameda County Library and to access our online resources, visit us at

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