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REACH Arts & Creativity Program 

Operated by the 


Department of Integrated Learning 

Organizational Info

The Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) Department of Integrated Learning is dedicated to cultivating lifelong meaningful experiences and educational opportunities in the arts for all Alameda County residents. As part of this mission to advance excellence in and access to arts education throughout the County, ACOE serves as the Core Lead for Arts and Creativity programming at REACH. Arts and Creativity programming supports the youth center’s mission, vision, core values and goals.

ACOE focuses on providing opportunities for creative self-expression through classes, projects and activities that are designed with themes that are relevant to youth and that develop life skills such as group collaboration, problem-solving and positive decision making.

Through the creative practice, youth build their self-confidence and build skills to prepare for more difficult projects, while the themes addressed in programming contribute to youth development. ACOE brings professional teaching artists to work with youth at REACH and engages in integrated learning with other core service areas.

The Integrated Learning Department works to improve student engagement, understanding, and performance across subject areas through in-school and after-school programming. We provide in-depth professional development and convene networks and annual events for arts-centered integrated learning, equity, social justice and a better future for all students in Alameda County.

Program Info and Areas of Focus

Arts and Creativity programming is offered to youth, ages 11 – 24 in a variety of art forms in the visual arts studio and the digital media lab. Services are provided during the youth center’s operating hours and peak hours of service (12 – 6 p.m. during the summer and 1pm – 7 p.m. during the school year). Class offerings change throughout the year. Please refer to the class schedule for information on our current class offerings.

Visual Arts Classes in the Visual Arts Studio focus on: Painting, Drawing, Collage, Sculpture, Mixed-media, Bookmaking, Paper Arts and Sewing. Other art forms will be introduced in the future. Visual Arts studio classes give students an introduction to visual arts skills, materials and self-expression through art while building artistic skills. Students work both individually and collaboratively on projects.

Digital Arts Classes in the Media Center focus on: Digital Compositing, Digital Painting, Digital Photography, Digital Illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Music, Video Production and Independent Digital Arts Projects. Arts Programming in Sound Production will be introduced in the future. Digital Arts studio classes will give students the opportunity to develop the necessary design and technical skills just like professional artists. Students will have the opportunity to work with Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere video editing, After Effects) as well as Propellerhead’s Reason 6.5 (Music Production) and Flash. Students work both individually and collaboratively on projects.

Contact Info:

Alameda County Office of Education
Arts and Creativity Program Managers |

Joaquin Newman
Email: jnewman@acoe.org
Phone: (510) 481-4519

Jerarde Gutierrez
Email: jgutierrez@acoe.org
Phone: (510) 481-4519