The San Lorenzo Unified School District serves as the Core Lead for Education programming at the REACH Ashland Youth Center. The mission of the District is to work together with parents and the community to develop critical and creative thinkers who are knowledgeable, responsible, caring participants who contribute to a changing world. At REACH, classes and workshops are designed to strengthen educational support for youth and families and to nurture each individual’s unique talents and abilities in order to access their desired educational and career paths.

The current services provided by the Education program include:

Study hall & Homework help

The REACH study center offers core subject support and provides homework help for students in grades 7-12 as well as offers academic support to older youth, ages 18-24.  The drop-in center will be a space for students to work independently or in groups and provides the opportunity for students to use laptops for research. Study hall is staffed by credentialed teachers and high school students.

For information regarding the REACH Educational program contact, Denise Landry, Coordinator REACH Education Program, 510-4531- or