The San Lorenzo Unified School District serves as the Core Lead for Education Programming at the REACH Ashland Youth Center. The educational goals are: youth will gain the skills necessary to access educational and career paths, increase graduation rates and participate in continuing education for out of school youth, increase academic achievement, self-confidence, skill building, self-exploration and increase attendance, reduce suspensions and discipline measures. Additionally, the youth’s caregivers are knowledgeable and supported about strengthening their child’s school progress.

The current services provided by the Education program include:


The purpose of the REACH Within Program is to provide a system of structural support for San Lorenzo Unified School District students (at REACH Ashland Youth Center) during transitional times when middle and high school students are in attendance at their comprehensive sites. This program is offered during the school year.

Study hall & Homework help

The REACH study center offers core subject support and provides homework help for students in grades 7-12.  These drop-in services are offered in the Eden Room as a space for students to work independently on homework  and provides the opportunity for students to use laptops for homework/assigned projects. Study hall is staffed by credentialed teachers and both  high school and college student tutors. Program is offered during the school year.

For information regarding the REACH Educational program contact, 510-4551