REACH Ashland Youth Center brings no-cost Recreation, Education, Arts, Career, and Health programs to empower youth ages 11 to 24 and no-cost child-care and food distribution services to support the Ashland community. REACH is sponsored by the Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Alameda Health Care Services Agency.

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REACH Fellowship Now Accepting Applications

If you are interested in working with young leaders to make a difference in the Ashland area, click or tap the Bulletin button to see how to apply. Click or tap the Description button to learn more about the position.

Applications due Friday, August 20th at 7pm local time.

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Download the full REACH Fellowship application package here.

Summer 2021 Session 2

Summer Session 2 is now full and registration has closed. Give us a call and sign up for Fall! Each session is a 4-week set of after-school programs for middle and high school REACH Members. Each session includes an enrichment focus, health and wellness support, and academic assistance. All youth 11-24 are welcome once they become REACH Members. Join now!

REACH Members can register for any open session in English or Spanish by filling out registration forms online or calling. For details on Membership or Fall programming and registration, please contact us at (510) 481-4551 and see our FAQs page.

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Summer Session 2 is July 19 – August 13 and hours are 11:30am to 4:30pm. On-site programs run Mon-Thu with field trips and standalone offerings on Fridays. Most classes are offered in pairs to give Members the most dynamic experience possible. Registration for Summer Session 2 is now closed but give us a call and sign up for Fall!


Eleva-TED: Explore culture through movies and community building AND create your own “TedTalk” based on your passions. Using “Circle” principles to frame discussions around cultural exploration, mental health, and finding our passion to create our own TedTalk. We will be watching TedTalks and movies as a group to discuss together and inspire our own projects.

Recreation: STAY ACTIVE BE ACTIVE is a recreational program. We will engage in a variety of outdoor activities throughout the week such as sports, fitness, water activities, and more. Come join us for some fun in the sun!


Creativity and Expression: Explore different art forms. In the Visual Art Room, we will paint, sculpt, and craft. In the Digital Art Room, we will make music and explore digital media. Be creative, be an artist, and have fun!

Visual Arts: Work on painting, sculpting, and crafting in collaboration with others in the The Works visual art studio.

Digital Arts: Explore digital media in collaboration with others in The Media Center digital art space.


A.G.T. Ashley’s Got Talent: We’ll talk, we’ll listen, we’ll chill, and we’ll play! Whether it’s confronting our uncertainties regarding COVID-19 or figuring out how to get Cheetos to balance on our heads, we’ll know Ashley’s got time to figure it out. Community, health, outreach, and work are the four areas we will be addressing. Having discussions that bring awareness and acknowledgement to these components and having shared experiences to create what they look like will organically create fun! Visual, aural, verbal, or physical learners will benefit!

Healing Ink: Be a writer! Tell your story! This writing program will focus on how to tell our stories and how to tell them better! Would you like to have your short story, poem, or memoir published in a book you can sell or give away? If you answered yes, then come join the “Healing Ink” Creative writing class!


Young People Life Skills Program: We will discuss, explore, learn, plan, set goals, and take steps to address: Employment/Career, Continuing Education, Financial Literacy, Socio-Emotional, Health and Wellness services and resources. (Fridays from 10am to 1pm).



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