REACH Ashland Youth Center brings no-cost Recreation, Education, Arts, Career, and Health programs to empower youth ages 11 to 24 and no-cost child-care and food distribution services to support the Ashland community. REACH is sponsored by the Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, Alameda Health Care Services Agency.

Programs & Services



Spring Session 1: March 11 – April 14

Intersession: April 22 – 26

Spring Session 2: April 29 – June 7

Intersession: June 10 – 14

Summer Camp Session 1: June 17th- July 12th

Summer Camp Session 2: July 17th- August 9th

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2024 Spring Sessions are Open!

Each session offers FREE programs for REACH Members, and includes great classes, health and wellness support and services, and fun events. Meals and snacks included!

All youth 11-24 are welcome once they become REACH Members. Click the red Join REACH button to become a Member today!

For details on becoming a REACH Member, session registration, and exploring other services, please contact us at (510) 481-4551 or see our FAQs page.


The Creativity Experience: Visual Arts - Express yourself while learning new art making techniques in visual arts! The Creativity Experience will use paint, drawing, sculpture and crafts to unleash your creative potential! Emotional support will ensure you’re getting all REACH has to offer!

Monday/Tuesday                         Wednesday

Block 1 - 3:15p-4:30p                   1:15p-2:30p

Transition - 4:30p-4:45p             2:30p-2:45p

Lab/Drop In - 4:45p-6p                 2:45p-4:00p

The Creativity Experience: Media Arts - Explore the possibilities of your own imagination and express yourself with electronic tools! The Creativity Experience will use software and cameras to explore making music, art, memes, animation and more! Unleash your creative potential! Emotional support will ensure you’re getting all REACH has to offer!!

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday            Wednesday

Block 1 - 3:15p-4:30p                     1:30p-4:30p

Transition - 4:30-4:45p                   2:30p-2:45p

Lab/Drop In - 4:45p-6:00p             2:45p-4:00p

Step Into It (SII) - Join us in Step Into It to learn about and gain job readiness and life skills. Through our newly developed curriculum, you’ll learn how to become an asset rather than a liability in the workforce. You learn about your self-concept, your image of who you are, and skills/strategies on how to become a competent communicator. Overall, you work on developing a strong and positive you!

**Schedule Coming Soon**

Recreation -Join us in the LIFT Fitness Center as we participate in fun recreational activities both indoors and out from table tennis to pickleball. Boost your confidence and improve your fitness through guided exercise and various sports activities. While working and playing together as a team you will make new friends, learn new skills and get healthier doing it!

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday           Wednesday

Block 1 - 3:15p-4:30p                       2:30p-3:30p 

Block 2 - 4:45p-6:00p                       4:00p-5:00p

Boxing -The Deputy Sheriff's Activities League provides free boxing classes for REACH members to increase their fitness levels, learn boxing basics, and work their way up to advanced training if desired.  ​Coaches, mentors and trainers focus on the fitness and discipline aspects of the sport and encourage participants that the lessons in the gym and the ring carry over into daily life.

Wednesday 1:30p-2:45p and Friday 3:00p-4:00p

Movement Arts: Dance - Each class will begin with mindfulness, followed by a follow-along class format that starts with a well-balanced warm-up leading into a broad range of movements with choreography that will be taught at a friendly pace for all. 

Tuesday and Thursday 4:00p-6:00p

Coding Arts - This course is designed for middle school and high school members who are interested in learning how to build virtual worlds using WebXR and A-Frame. WebXR is a technology that allows web applications to interact with virtual and augmented reality devices, while A-Frame is a web framework built on top of WebXR that simplifies the process of building virtual worlds. 

In this course, members will learn how to use A-Frame to build interactive virtual worlds, using, JavaScript as the programming language. They will also learn how to deploy their virtual worlds to the web, so that others can view and interact with their creations. 

The course will be conducted using the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, which will allow students to view and interact with the virtual worlds that they create in an immersive manner. Members will also be able to collaborate with each other, sharing their virtual worlds and interacting with each other's creations. 

Wednesday 2:45p-4:45p and Thursday 4:00p-6:00p

Alameda County Library at REACH (Drop in, Limited Space) - Check out the library in the Eden Room for a quiet, low-key space to do homework, read a book, play a game, ask a question, make a craft, or do a writing activity.  At the library, you can: Request books that you can’t find at REACH -- Earn volunteer hours -- Get help from an online tutor through Brainfuse -- Try a mindfulness activity to calm your mind and center your body -- Take books home with you and return them when you’re done reading -- Hang out with the coolest library staff!   

Tuesday/Thursday        Wednesday

3:00p-5:30p                    1:00p-4:30p

Food LabA culinary experience that is sure to tantalize the taste buds! Our beginner creatives will taste, test, experiment and cook a variety of foods and flavors, while our intermediate creatives will hone their skills and learn new recipes and volume cooking.

We are committed to providing our community members with the best possible food experience, and we believe that our talented team of chefs and culinary experts deliver on that promise.

Tuesday and Thursday 4:00p-6:00p



REACH is creating a future where youth thrive, build
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