COVID Vaccine Resources

Safe Programming

COVID safe in-person programs have been conducted successfully since June 22, 2020. Some program classes are on hold or are being conducted virtually. Where in-person programs continue, class size has been reduced, masks-required, and social-distancing guidelines observed. Through “stable-groups” or “social-bubbles,” the number of persons interacting has been safely limited.


  • The fitness center is currently closed and use of the Edendale Gymnasium suspended.
  • Most recreation classes are being conducted outdoors.


  • Daily small group academic support has been integrated into all stable group offerings.


  • Classes in painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, mixed-media, bookmaking, paper arts, and sewing are being conducted in stable groups.
  • Classes in digital compositing, digital painting, digital photography, digital illustration, graphic design, digital music, video production, music production, and independent digital arts projects are being conducted in stable groups.


  • Virtual career counseling and workshops continue.
  • Virtual career spotlight sessions, with employers in a handful of sectors, continue.
  • Drop-in career counseling, planned college tours, and planned job fairs are on hold.


  • In-person home-visits and scheduled on-site visits are happening. Most drop-in, on-site visits are on hold. We have also rolled out a resource line for Transition Aged Youth (18-24). See Health Section for instructions on phone numbers and times.

Connecting Youth and Families to Critical Services

When shelter-in-place orders were Issued, REACH staff called 550+ families of members to:

  • Explain and answer questions about the health order.
  • Share how REACH could continue to support them even while in-person programming was paused.
  • Provide resources and referrals to respond to new and emerging needs due to the pandemic.